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Workshop Regarding 115 kV Line Siting Study in the Cumberland County Area

South River Electric Membership Corporation takes the reliability of our electric system very seriously. Over the past several years, weather events such as Hurricanes Matthew and Florence have adversely impacted our goal to provide reliable electric service. This is especially true for communities in southern Cumberland and northern Bladen counties. These communities, which are served by our Cape Fear and Butler substations, are particularly vulnerable to power outages because they are served from a single 115,000 volt (115 kV) transmission line. The loss of this line could result in an extended outage for this area.

In order to reduce outage times and meet the growth in these areas, we have determined it to be necessary to provide a secondary source of 115 kV power to the Cape Fear Substation.  This new line will connect the Cape Fear Substation, located on Butler Nursery Road, to the Vander Substation, located on John B. Carter Road, and will provide electric redundancy by enabling back feed capabilities through the southern part of South River EMC’s system. The new line, which we call the Vander – Cape Fear 115 kV tie line, will also provide additional capacity to support growth of the community.

South River EMC has begun a comprehensive transmission line siting process to determine the best route for the new Vander – Cape Fear 115 kV tie line. A siting study area has been defined as the entire area where it is practical to locate the new line (see map on reverse side of this letter). Additionally, an array of environmental, land use, aesthetic, and cultural resource data is being collected and mapped for use in consideration of the siting of this line. Our goal is to identify and apply all factors that will influence the final route selection decision, and we have found that landowners in the siting study area often have important information that should be considered. On Tuesday, May 14, we will conduct a community workshop where you will have an opportunity to meet with our project team to learn more about the project and share any information you believe should be considered in the line siting study. The workshop will be very informal, and you are invited to drop by anytime between 3 and 7 p.m. at the following location:

The Church at Cedar Creek (Fellowship Hall)
4010 Cedar Creek Road
Fayetteville, NC 28312

Follow this link to a survey that is being used to gather information that will be used in the line siting study. Thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to complete it.  You may bring the completed survey to the workshop, complete it while there, or return it to the Cooperative no later than May 28, 2019.  Once alternate routes have been identified but before a final route is selected, you will be invited to a second community workshop and given an opportunity to provide additional information. To learn more about the line siting study, go to our website at We look forward to talking with you at the workshop.

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