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Power Source Volunteer Scholarship Applications Available

South River EMC’s Power Source Volunteers Committee is offering at least one $1,000 and two $500 college scholarships for the 2017-2018 school year. It’s a great time to be gathering the required material for such an opportunity.

To be considered, those applying must live in a home, which receives electric service from South River EMC. Factors considered in granting scholarships included: character, moral standards, citizenship, past and present academic performance, letters of recommendation, statements of career goals and qualifications and extra-curricular activities.

Make The Electric Cooperative Youth Tour Your Trip

Applications are now available for high school sophomores and juniors to attend the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour June 10-16, 2017. It’s a unique opportunity for high school students to travel with a contingent of North Carolina students to Washington, D.C.

Each year North Carolina students meet thousands of other students from electric cooperatives across the nation. South River EMC offers this opportunity to area students to be part of this unforgettable experience.

South River EMC Shares Success Through Refunds

Being a member of South River Electric Membership Corporation has benefits. In November, the nonprofit electric cooperative refunded capital credits totaling $3,672,912 to its current and past members as from parts of 1997, 1998, and 2015.

As a cooperative, South River EMC doesn’t earn profits, but any revenue exceeding the cost of doing business is allocated for return to the members based upon their electricity purchases for that year. South River EMC uses the money as operating capital before it’s returned.

Outage Affecting Members In Benson

Outage currently affecting members in Benson is the result of a Duke Energy transmission maintenance need. We estimate that power will be restored around 6:30 p.m.

Hurricane Matthew Update (FINAL) 10/13/2016

In The Final Stretch

South River EMC crews have whittled the number of outages to 483. These outages will be attacked today and all outages that can be restored will be. Any member who is still without service, but your neighbors have service, please call (910) 892-8071 to report your outage. If you have already reported this condition, not need to do so. We thank all of our members for their incredible patience and understanding through the restoration effort.


Hurricane Matthew Update 10.12.16- 6 a.m.

The March To The End

Day five of Hurricane Matthew restoration efforts will be full of progress. South River EMC made great strides Tuesday by bringing several substations online and dropping outage numbers from 12,800 to 5,791 members without electric service.

Hurricane Matthew Update 10.11.2016 6 a.m.

Light At The End of the Tunnel

As we charge into day four of Hurricane Matthew recovery, South River EMC crews will be focusing on bringing the majority of substations online, replacing poles, stringing line and getting members’ power restored. Yesterday nearly 10,000 members’ homes, farms and businesses were reenergized.

Hurricane Matthew Update 10.10.2016 5:30 a.m.

Command And Conquer: The Order of the Day

As we enter day three of Hurricane Matthew recovery, the order of the day is to take command of restoration efforts and to conquer our outage numbers.

“Yesterday we completed our assessment phase,” said CEO Chris Spears. “Today we have a plan that will be to attack the areas where we know we can bring the most members online.”

Hurricane Matthew Update 10.09.2016 5:30 p.m.

Crews Wrap Assessment And Plan Attack

The torrential rain dumped by Hurricane Matthew began to recede in some areas and Sunday’s sky was clear and the temperatures moderate. This created a perfect day for line crews, engineering staff and management of South River EMC to conduct a full-scale valuation of the system, including an aerial overview.

Hurricane Matthew Update 10.9.2016 4:30 a.m.

Comprehensive Assessment Period Begins

As Hurricane Matthew moves away from the coast and a new day begins, South River EMC will spend the best part of Sunday assessing the extent of the damage to its electric system, formulate a plan for restoration and begin the repair process.

“Hurricane Matthew was a much greater adversary than predicted,” said CEO Chris Spears. “Now that we have calmer weather and a lot of daylight, we will be able to get as many bodies on the ground to assess the damage and also conduct an aerial survey.”


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